Cooler Department at Al's Ace Hardware in Tucson, Arizona

Al’s Ace Hardware in Tucson, Arizona carries all the items to get your cooler ready and keep it running all summer and throughout cooler season. Our cooler department specializes in the extra thick Aspen cooler pads, Master Cool Pads, RP Pads and DuraCool rolls. We have a large selection of Cooler V Belts, Cooler Floats, Cooler Motors available in 1/3HP, 1/2HP,3/4HP & 1HP and Cooler Treatment.

Our Ace cooler specialist can help you with all of your questions on getting started for the Cooler season as well as explain the difference between all the Cooler Pads. Learn step by step how to condition, check your cooler motor and V-Belts by one of our store specialists.

Al’s Ace Hardware carries Float Valves, Brass and Copper fittings, Copper tubing, Needle valve, Water Supply line, Fresh Air, Scale Eliminator, Pump and filter screen, Drain and overflow pipe, Anode Kit, Bleed Tee, Bearings, Collar, Shaft and Blower Pulley.

Cooler Supplies and BJK at Al's Ace Hardware in Tucson, Arizona

Additional Items and directions to help maintain your cooler:

“PowerClean” Purge Pump – it works alongside the regular cooler pump to flush out old water of the cooler every 8 hours of operation. This prolongs the life of the cooler pads.

Anode Kit – Works to control rust and corrosion in the bottom pan of metal coolers.

In-line Scale Eliminator Cartridge – Install this in the water line to condition the water to control scale and mineral buildup.

Cooler Cleaner – A one-step cooler treatment. Fill reservoir with clean water, add Cooler Cleaner and turn on “pump only” to rinse through the cooler pads for 20 – 30 minutes. This also helps dissolve scale and mineral buildup. Then drain cooler and refill with fresh water.

Heavy-Duty D-Scale Treatment – This is an extra-strength formula to treat cooler pads in areas where water is high in minerals.

Fresh Air and Cooler Tab – Place this in the water reservoir of the cooler. It contains a time-release formula for neutralizing odors.

Scale Eliminator – Place in water reservoir of cooler. Time-release formula helps control scale buildup in cooler pads. Must use with a bleed-off line.

Cooler Coating – Available with brush or in aerosol, this is a fast-drying asphalt-based coating to seal the bottom pan of the cooler and protect against rust.

Come on in to Al’s Ace Hardware and experience the difference.